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Two Ways - Jesus 2016

Jesus closes out his most famous sermon by presenting a choice to his disciples; will they lean on their own religious obedience, or lean on the perfect obedience of the Son of God? Ryan Alsheimer closes out our Jesus 2016 sermon series by breaking down why this choice still matters today.

Ask, Seek, Knock - Jesus 2016

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells his disciples that they should seek God about the issues in their lives, and that He loves to provide in these areas. Pastor Don Yarborough preaches about how this works.

Anxiety - Jesus 2016

Anxiety is the #1 mental health issue in our country. Jesus' words about anxiety and worry have never been more relevant and relieving. Ryan Alsheimer teaches about Jesus' diagnosis of and deliverance from anxiety.

The Lord’s Prayer - Jesus 2016

Why and how should we pray? Pastor Don Yarborough dives into how Jesus taught us to pray in the Sermon on the Mountain.

Giving - Jesus 2016

In a culture that screams, "me, me, me," Jesus offers a better way to handle our finances and more importantly, our attitude toward giving. Amy Kropp dives deeper into the Sermon on the Mount to deliver a message about why Christians should be givers.

Enemies - Jesus 2016

Contrary to our natural tendencies, Jesus teaches His disciples to love their enemies and to withhold any sort of retaliation. Why? Ryan Alsheimer takes us further into the Sermon on the Mount and explains why Jesus taught such steep expectations, and how we're able to live this teaching out today.

Integrity - Jesus 2016

There seems to be a disconnect between our words and our actions, just like there was 2000 years ago when Jesus taught about Christian integrity. Why do we lie? What do we do about it? Ryan Alsheimer preaches about the hope that's found in Jesus for liars. 

Marriage, Sex, Adultery - Jesus 2016

[PG13 Sermon] Jesus makes some bold claims in the Sermon on the Mount about the condition of our hearts in regards to marriage, sex, and adultery. Through His message, He makes it clear that our marriages, singleness, and sexuality are totally hopeless without total surrender to His Lordship. Ryan Alsheimer walks us through the next section in the Jesus 2016 sermon series as we look at how contrary the Kingdom of God works to the way our culture views marriage and sex.

Dealing with Anger - Jesus 2016

Jesus made a profound claim; stating that being angry with another person is just as evil as murdering them. But, there is hope for us in our anger. Getting angry is unavoidable, but how Christians deal with anger should look much different. Ryan Alsheimer preaches from the next section of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus instructs His followers about a better way to deal with anger.

Fulfilling the Law - Jesus 2016

Jesus made it clear that his followers are not to disregard the law of the Old Testament. But do we have to follow all of them still? Which ones are we supposed to obey, and are there some that we can ignore? Pastor Ryan walks through the next section of the Sermon on the Mountain in our Jesus 2016 series.

Salt & Light - Jesus 2016

Jesus said that those who follow him would be the salt of the earth and light of the world. God has not called you to live a safe, introspective Christianity. It’s time to rub shoulders with our culture, and spread the gospel of hope.

Blessed - Jesus 2016

Pastor Ryan launches our new sermon series about the Sermon on the Mountain, "Jesus 2016", with a message about the Beatitudes. What would happen if we started trusting in King Jesus to fix our problems instead of politicians who promise the world but continually fall short.