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The Bible: God's Word

 Can we actually trust the Bible to be true and accurate? How does God use the Bible to communicate with us today? What is the point of the Bible? Pastor Ryan wraps up our series on the important elements of the ancient church with this week's sermon about the Word of God.

Church Membership

What does it mean to be a member of a church? Why is it important? How do you become a member? Listen to Pastor Ryan's message about the importance of God's people submitting and committing to His mission together in membership to eachother!

Cheerful Giving

Giving is yet another thing that should characterize the 21st century Church. God doesn't need our money; he wants our hearts. How can we worship God with our money instead of worshiping money? Pastor Ryan tackles the topic of how Christian people are called to be givers. 

The Lord's Supper

What's so special about taking communion in church? Pastor Ryan preaches a message about why the Church has been taking communion for the last 2,000 years, and how communion is a whole lot more meaningful than just eating bread and drinking grape juice together week after week.

Spiritual Gifts 101

Part of any healthy church is people serving one another with their God-given spiritual gifts. In this message, Pastor Ryan quickly describes the spiritual gifts that are found in the Bible, and encourages Anchor to step out in faith and discover what their gifts are.

The Cost of Discipleship

Jesus' finals word on earth was a commission for the Church to make disciples. However, following Jesus in discipleship has a cost. Listen to Pastor Ryan's sermon about the cost of discipleship, the roll of the Church in discipleship, and how it's all totally worth it.

Baptism: The Visual Gospel

People who put their trust in Jesus have been getting baptized for thousands of years. Why? What's the point? What happens when you get baptized? Take a listen to Pastor Ryan's sermon taken from a night when 5 people publicly declared their faith through baptism! 

Oh Come, Let Us Worship

What is worship? Why is it important? What's the point of it? How do we do it? Pastor Ryan continues our series on what biblical church looks like by spending a week on the topic of worship through the lens of Psalm 95. 

Designed for Community

Every person on the planet was designed to live in community with others and with the Creator, God himself. Pastor Ryan takes a look at why community matters, and how the biblical model of community differs from the world's version.

Church: The Hope of the World

What is Church? What's the purpose of Church? What is the public's perception of Church? Why does Church matter? This week, Pastor Ryan breaks down what church looked like 2,000 years ago, how we at Anchor get to join the party of Church, and why it matters to God.