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Miscellaneous Sermons

1 Samuel Part 2

Amy Kropp shares from the book of 1 Samuel. The calling of the Lord on our lives has no bearing on our qualifications. Only through God and His power can we live in His calling.

1 Samuel

Amy Kropp looks at the prayer of Hannah and compares it to the prayer of Mary the mother of Jesus. We are encouraged to follow their example in our own prayer life.


Amy Kropp shares from the book of Judges reflecting on the call God put on the lives of Gideon and Sampson. We have been called as well. Called to follow and walk with Christ.

God with us III

Amy Kropp continues her study in the old testament. The focus of this study is Joshua. Learning how we are to be strong and courageous in our calling and in the promises of God.

Exodus - God with us II

Amy Kropp continues her message. We are called by God. He will never leave us or forsake us. We should be a people who are confident in our calling and through our calling, we will declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Exodus 4 - God With Us

Amy Kropp shares from Exodus 4. We are called by God and He will always go with us. We shouldn't be afraid to fulfill the calling He has on our lives to do great things to further the kingdom of God.

Knowing God More

Pastor Dennis shares from John 10 encouraging us in knowing God more.

1 Thessalonians

Pastor Rodney Dirig shares during our evening service.


Amy Kropp shares how Christ saved us in our weakness. Through His strength, we were reconciled to God. Through that power, we are called to be reconciled to one another and to be God's ambassadors.

The Power of Service

Amy Kropp shares from Acts 7. Knowing that we come from God and that we will return to God we have the power to serve like Jesus served. The power of service God has called us to can change our lives and the world as we know it.