The Word of the Lord

Amy Kropp begins a new series into the history and background of how we have access to the Word of God and how the Bible as we know it was compiled.


Amy Kropp wraps up our sermon series in the book of Jonah.


Pastor Ryan continues his sermon series in the book of Jonah.

Prayer & Deliverance

Continuing in the story of Jonah, Pastor Ryan Alsheimer talks about how Jonah was swallowed by the giant fish, went on to pray a remarkable prayer inside the fish's belly, and was spit out onto the shore; and how this is all linked to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mission & Rebellion

The story of Jonah is about so much more than the popular children’s story. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer kicks off the new series in the book of Jonah with a message about how God is merciful, missional, and sovereign; in spite of Jonah’s defiant rebellion against Him. Because of this, there is hope for us in our rebellion. 

Forgiven Much, Love Much

Jesus teaches in Luke 7 about how those who are forgiven of much in their lives should be quick to love and forgive others. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer shares about how God’s people are forgiven of every sin, and should love and forgive others with the same kind of love that God has for us.

Father’s Day 2018

In a story from John 8:37-47 about a conversation that he has with the Pharisees, Jesus tells the truth about how every person is a product of their father. The problem is that we are born choosing the wrong father to follow. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer talks about how our great Father God rescues us and brings us into his family, despite our opposition.

Spiritual Depression [Psalm 42]

How should Christians handle the down times when they feel like they are in a spiritual rut? Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches about how the Bible talks clearly about the hope that we have in uncertain times.

Sabbath Rest

As people living in the 21st century, we find ourselves and our peers in two extremes when it comes to work; lots of us are overworking without rest, and lots of us are not working how we should be. Ryan Alsheimer shares a biblical overview of what God says about work and true rest, and why it’s good news to us.

Mother’s Day Lessons From a Widowed Mom

A Bible story in 1 Kings 17 tells us about a widow and her son in despair and facing death, but God intervened in some mighty ways through the ministry of Elijah. Ryan Alsheimer speaks about how this story teaches us to trust God in all circumstances.

When We Feel Far From God

What do we do when we feel that God is distant? Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches from Luke 24 about a surefire way to continue closely with Jesus.

Principle of the Tithe

Throughout Scripture, we are encouraged to give the first part of our resources to God as an expression of honor and gratitude. Listen as Pastor Don digs into the Word and shares about this important principle.

Philippians Panel Discussion

To close out our sermon series on the book of Philippians, Pastor Kaler Carpenter, Terri Bonney, and Will Negron joined Pastor Ryan Alsheimer to chat about what the book means to them personally and in ministry.

Joy in Contentment

Paul finishes his letter to the Philippians by teaching about how joy is available even when you’ve lost everything else. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches from Philippians 4 about how crucial it is to be content with everything that the Lord has given.

Dead to Sin, Alive to God - Easter 2018

To celebrate the meaning of Easter, we focused on baptism; what it means, why we do it, and why the resurrection of Jesus is the key to it all. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preached from Romans 6:3-12, and we had the honor of seeing 3 people get baptized!

Victory Christian Church

Pastor Charlie Muller and daughter Chelsie joined us to share the story of Victory Christian Church in Albany NY, and how God continues to use the church to change lives in the region. 

Joy in Anxiety

Anxiety is the #1 mental health issue in the United States. Is it possible to have joy and peace in the midst of anxiety, worry, nervousness? The Apostle Paul believes so, and tells us in Philippians 4:2-9 how to defeat anxiety. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches about how joy is available in anxiety.

Joy in Pressing On

What do we do when we’re discouraged and feel like giving up? In Philippians 3:12-4:1 the Apostle Paul writes to his friends from prison about the necessity of never giving up until we reach our goal of seeing Jesus face to face. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches about why Christians should never give up, compromise, or surrender in this lifetime.

Joy in Knowing God

Philippians 3:1-11 proclaims one of the greatest truths of Christianity - that the source of all joy comes from knowing God personally. Pastor Ryan Alsheimer preaches about how to know God, and why it’s so important.