Baptisms are a big deal in the Christian Church! Through baptisms, we get to celebrate lives that have been resurrected with hope in Jesus. People's faith gets encouraged as they watch others proclaim that Jesus is the Master and Savior of their lives. We had quite an epic service at Anchor this past Sunday night! 

We celebrated five resurrected lives this past Sunday at Anchor as a group of young women took a stand to identify themselves as Christians. After Pastor Ryan preached a message about why baptisms are a thing, we invited people to accept God's free gift of salvation - a call that was received by one person who got baptized that very night! We then gave an open invitation to the congregation to get baptized if they fit the bill that was described in the sermon. As we made our way into another musical worship session, two college students from our college ministry (BASIC) who were planning on getting baptized that night headed to get changed. While they were away, two more young women with excitement and joy decided to get baptized, telling us that God was moving in their hearts and urging them to get baptized as well! We were blown away...

When these four women were ready, we invited them to share with us why they were deciding to get baptized. We then asked them to make a public verbal declaration that Jesus was both the Lord of their lives and their personal Savior from their sin. It was an amazing visual of what happens to us when we give our lives to Jesus! 

After we took communion and closed the service out, another young woman came forward wanting to get baptized! We called everyone who was still left in the building together to celebrate with us! What an encouraging reminder that even when we think the party is over, it never is! 

Congratulations to Brianna, Angelica, Melva, Jessica, and Hope for taking this big step in your faith!

These are the first baptisms that we've experienced together at Anchor. The vision is becoming a reality! People are giving their lives to Jesus and deciding to follow him with everything they've got! Our prayer is that this is just the beginning of a radical movement in our city!